Cover – Bishop Peter Stasiuk’s article discussing issues youth issues of today.

Page 2 – In Dr Andrew Kania’s article he discusses how love conquers all, how Christ’s love for us is stronger than anything.

Page 3 – A summary of Pako Festival 2017 in Geelong.

Page 3 – A special screening of Bitter Harvest in Melbourne raised $2092 for U-Help.

Page 4 – Lubomyr Luciuk reflects on the Holodomor in 1922-23 in Ukraine.

Page 4 – Ballarat celebrated its 70th Anniversary of settlement and the AFUO recognised this by providing a plaque.

Page 4 – Bishop Peter Stasiuk visited the vibrant parish in Hobart.

Page 5 – Hullo Lviv, the last instalment of Marta Bateman nee Anon’s experience in Ukraine.

Page 5 – Bishop Peter Stasiuk’s Easter greeting

Page 14 – The Ukrainian Women’s League of Australia (Melbourne Branch) began their embroidery course, with 67 attendees.

Page 14 – Kenneth Wollack’s opinion on the state of Ukraine today.

Page 15-16 – The story of Ukrainian settlement in Ballarat


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