On the 20th of March, Bishop Mykola Bychok, Eparch of Melbourne together with Fr. Ihor Holovko, administrator of the parish in Perth, in collaboration with the local pastor Fr. Brennan Sia, united in a joint liturgical prayer for peace in Ukraine at the Roman Catholic Parish of St. Mary, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

Before the Holy Mass, the Bishop was met by local Ukrainians and was greeted with bread and salt, after which the service began.

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Preaching to the parishioners, Bishop Mykola noted: “These days, the Ukrainian people are fighting for their independence at a great cost, giving their lives for their homeland. In this tragedy, we need to find a God who suffers with us. A loving Lord enters our lives, which now seems to be without a future. Today, Ukrainians need your prayers, your empathy and support for them in their trials more than ever.”

At the end of the Holy Liturgy, Fr. Brennan addressed a word of gratitude to Bishop Mykola: “Today is a special day for our parish in Kalgoorlie, as for the first time in history of this church the Eastern Bishop was present. I want to assure you and all Ukrainians we pray for peace in Ukraine. We hope that after the consecration of Ukraine and Russia to Our Mother of God by the Holy Father next Friday, the war will end and the long-awaited peace will come.”

After the service, a parishioner of the local church addressed Bishop Mykola and said that they had organised a prayer group that meets every day for evening prayer at 8 pm. with one intention – for peace in Ukraine. People from all over unite in the prayerful support of our country.

It should be noted that Bishop Mykola Bychok together with Fr. Ihor Holovko during his trip to the parish in Perth, visited several Ukrainians. Also, on 21st of March, the Bishop paid a visit to the smallest Catholic Primary School in Western Australia, located in Southern Cross. At the invitation of the principal of this school, a joint prayer for peace in Ukraine was held with the participation of students and teachers of the school. Afterwards, the Bishop shared a brief reflection on his ministry in Australia and answered students’ questions.