Due to quarantine restrictions in Australia, many organizations  do not have the possibility to congregate in person for their activities.

However, plast members of Australia  continually endeavour to support one another and keep their spirits alive in various ways.

Therefore, on a beautiful warm winter Sunday in Australia Ukrainian songs rang out during the now fourth virtual vatra.

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Plast members from  Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney and Brisbane joined in great numbers by way of Zoom for this event.

The  head of the Melbourne headquartera of Plast in Victoria, plast senior Teresa Lachowicz officially opened the vatra followed by the traditional opening song “Oh the red kalyna in the meadows.” The chaplain of Plast Victoria, plast senior Fr. Andriy Mykytyuk lead the singing with guitar accompaniment during the Vatra. Meanwhile,all present lent their wonderful voices to join together in united joy and song.

Most Rev. Bishop Mykola, Bishop of Melbourne Eparchy, was the special guest at the Vatra and sang the songs with all who were present. In his welcome Bishop Mykola expressed words of support to all saying “The sun is warming us, it is warm on the street and this is a sign that all will be well. Remember, God is with us and this gives us hope and faith that we will live through all that is not going well.”

At the end of the Vatra, plast senior Teresa Lachowicz thanked all the attendees for their participation and singing. “It is not easy to hear and sing this way, but it was wonderful to see you all and this is Plast spirit.”