PERTH NEWSPAPER GIVEN AWARDOn Friday 21st June Most Rev. Peter Stasiuk,C.Ss.R. accompanied by Rev. Dr Brian Kelty,EV,and Mr Richard Charlwood visited the offices of the Record,Perth’s Roman Catholic weekly newspaper in order to present the editor and staff of the newspaper with a framed certificate of appreciation. Bishop Peter said that the certificate was to express appreciation on behalf of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church for the support and publicity given to the Church by the Record over many years.

The editor of the paper,Mr Peter Rosengren welcomed Bishop Peter and his companions and thanked Bishop Peter for the certificate. He also expressed deep appreciation for what he called the mystery of the Eastern Catholic Churches.

A wide ranging discussion followed. We agreed that some of the big issues now faced by both the Latin Church and the Eastern Churches were rapidly increasing secularisation,declining Sunday Church attendance and the loss of memory which permeates society.

Bishop Peter saw reasons for hope in his Church where there are now 3 candidates for the diaconate. Icon classes in Melbourne have been well attended and this points toward an increased interest in Eastern Christian Spirituality.

Mr Rosengren called for the Australian Bishops to consider a national publication which would encourage evangelization in Australia.