Paul Power from Perth, W.A., was ordained a Subdeacon in Ss Peter and Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne on Sunday, 16th February 2020.

Paul has been an active member of our church for about 40 years. He has lived in Melbourne but has lived and worked the longest in Perth.

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A Subdeacon has a special role in our church. The ordination service underlines this. The ceremony begins with a presentation of a candle to the candidate. The candle represents the light – Jesus Christ Himself. The new Subdeacon is told to become holy himself and then asked to reflect this sanctity to others, for their edification and holiness.

The Subdeacon is also given a book of the Sacred Scriptures so that he can study and understand them and to then live a holy life.

It is interesting that the Subdeacon is not given an active teaching role in the church but one of service, of setting an example to inspire others who seek God. This is actually very simply put the role we all have. It is the role of parents and all others who follow Jesus.

Amongst the special guests at the ordination was Fr. Denis Stanley and two seminarians for the Roman Catholic Seminary in Melbourne, Fr. Richard Charlwood and Sr. Nicodema from Perth. Fr. Simon Ckuj of Sydney performed the role of Master of Ceremonies. Deacon Michael Zylan of Melbourne presented the new Subdeacon to the Bishop for ordination.

The Melbourne Cathedral Choir sang the responses in a very spectacular way.

Mr. Stefan Romaniw welcomed all guests at the luncheon in the Parish hall.

As Paul Power returns to Perth to serve the Lord, we pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire him and give him the strength he needs to follow his calling.