The Patriarchal competition of the modern religious song «The Song of the Heart» will occur in Lviv in 2015

The Patriarchal catechetical commission, together with other co-organizers, announces the patriarchal competition of the modern religious song «The Song Of The Heart», which will take place in Lviv (Ukraine) on 6-7 June 2015; the gala-concert of the winners will be on 21-st of June 2015. The song contest in 2015 is dedicated to metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, saint Volodymyr Velykyi and the martyrs Saints Borys and Glib.

The international competition of the of the modern religious song «The Song Of The Heart» was launched in 2002 by the initiative of the Head of the Patriarchal catechetical commission, sister Luiza Tsyupa. The organizers set as a goal to popularize the modern Christian song. It was offered for participants to sing not only famous songs but also copyright songs. The first competition had very wide publicity. More than 100 youth participated in the first song competition. The Patriarchal competition «The Song of the Heart» was held in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2013.

The main purpose of this competition is increasing of the cultural and spiritual values of Ukrainians through creating and popularizing of the modern religious song among Ukrainian Christians in the world.

The Ukrainian children from Ukraine and abroad can participate in the competition «The Song of the Heart». There are three age levels: I-st – 7-9 old, II-nd – 10-13 old, III-rd – 14-17 old.

In accordance with the rules the song competition will be on the eparchial (exarchial) level and on the patriarchal level. The winners of the eparchial level will participate in the patriarchal level. The contents of the songs must represent the essence of the Christian vocation and Christian values. The children’s songs in Ukrainian can be sung in the competition. We will give an opportunity for new copyright songs. Only soloists may participate in the competition. They will sing one song with instrumental accompaniment. The maximum time allowed for singing is 5 minutes. Additional performers (the instrumental ensemble, backing vocalists, accompanists etc.) do not receive an award and do not participate in the tour. The songs that were sung in previous competitions of «The Song of the Heart» may not be performed for the award. Winners of previous competitions on the patriarchal level cannot participate in the competition, even if the person has changed age level.

The information about the Patriarchal competition of the modern religion song «The Song of the Heart» in 2015, the application and PDF-booklet of rules for this competition, the list of winners of previous competitions, who cannot participate in the next song competition, are on the web-site of Patriarchal Catechetical Commission of the UGCC.

The link for this web-site follows: (Main Page); (The Page with information about competition)