The conference of the Patriarchal Catechetical Commission in Mission, British Columbia, came to a close on Friday, August 31-st. Several important matters were deliberated at this meeting. Sr. Luiza Ciupa and Nazar Duda presented the first draft of manual for the Catechumenate program, followed by a first reading and discussion. A draft proposal of “The Liturgical Rites of the Catechumenate”, and a working draft of the pre-catechumenate program referred to as “Evangelisation” were presented by Fr. Peter Babej. A draft outline and proposal for the first part of the catecumenate program, “The Symbol of Faith and History of Salvation”, was presented by Fr. Taras Barscevski . The commission clarified details with respect to the Catechumenate process. A manual and methodology for the entire Catechumenate program was proposed, reviewed and accepted. The commission agreed upon a methodology for the writing of all catechetical materials and outlined a further plan of action.

Members of the commission also took part in the official blessing and opening of the Eparchial Catechetical Centre in New Westminster officiated by His Beatitude Patriarch Sviatoslav, with the assistance of His Grace Ihor Vozniak, Metropolitan of Lviv, Kyr Ken Novakowsky, the Eparch of New Westminster, Kyr Peter Stasiuk and Kyr Daniel Kozlinski.

Bishop Peter Stasiuk, the head of the Patriarchal Catechetical Commission, concluded the conference by thanking Bishop Ken for all his efforts in organizing this conference and for his gracious hospitality. Thanks were also expressed to all bishops who made possible the participation of representatives form their eparchies.

The next meeting of the commission for members residing in Ukraine, Europe, Kazakhstan and Russia is scheduled to take place November 26-28, 2012, in Lviv.