Saturday in Melbourne was a time for the Patriarch to meet the students of the Ukrainian Saturday school and members of the various Ukrainian youth organisations.

His Beatitude spoke about the present conditions in Ukraine, the war that is claiming many lives of young boys of 16,17,18 years of age.

Many soldiers are returning without limbs, with injuries with physical and psychological scars and wounds.  Young people in Ukraine are ready to give their lives for their country Ukraine. At a recent visit to a Lviv Hospital his Beatitude spoke of a young soldier who had sustained horrendous burns to his arms legs and upper body.

He was deeply moved by the plight of this young soldier but what had moved his Beatitude  the most was the will to live that shone through his eyes. The bright hope that this young soldier radiated  spoke for  the whole youth of Ukraine which in the face of war and terror  is continuing to demonstrate great  acts of heroism for its country.