Apart from the pandemic, which has basically kept everyone at home, people have been moving around the world more in the last 100 years, than they ever have been before.

This migration has been caused by various factors, i.e. wars, persecution, climate change, and many other reasons we all know about. In the gospel of Luke 8: 5-15, Jesus talks about growing roots, in order to be happy and successful.

Obviously, having deep roots is important, but that, as we know, is not always possible. It seems that Jesus is actually saying something deeper than that. He is talking about having spiritual roots which are the source of our strong relationship with others but especially with God. We die if we do not have these deep roots of faith in God.

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We in our society today can perhaps be called a “cut flower society”. We do whatever we can to look good before others, maintain our dignity, if only for a short time, make short term decisions and sacrifices, but without a proper root system. None of this lasts for a long time.

Our relationship with people and God only lasts, if they have a deep root system, which is based on a deep relationship with God, on human rights, human dignity, and equality. All of these are based on faith.

In the former Soviet Union, there was no human dignity or human rights because the state would not allow the practise of faith. Without faith, it is everyone for themselves. People were moved on purpose so as to deprive them of their roots.

In Luke 8: 15 Jesus says that only with patience does the seed that falls on good ground bear fruit.

We need good seeds (the Word of god), good ground (a person who believes) and patience (a person who has a desire for God).

There is a lot of good ground, but there are also a lot of rocks, weeds, and shallow ground. The soil requires working, cultivating, watering and protection from outside forces.

It is not easy to be a Christian. We need to have patience. We cannot live sinful lives. We must not complain about God’s will. We work with what we have and where we are.

We need patience to allow God to work in our lives. God will use every moment of our lives to work with us. It takes time to change our former bad habits. We need patience with ourselves. We should not even judge ourselves- God loves us and forgives our sins. God helps us to become good soil, if it is necessary. But again patience is necessary. The seed will grow in us.

We need the support of the church which God gave us to help us grow.