Dear parishioners of the Cathedral of the apostles Peter and Paul in Melbourne and all the faithful of our Eparchy!

Today we are are honouring the memory of the Apostles Peter and Paul. Our cathedral and the whole Eparchy carries the name of these two great Apostles. Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul were very different: they were called at different times and in different circumstances, they both came from different educational backgrounds – one was a simple fisherman, and the other an enlightened pharisee: they were both different in character, and they preached to various people, some jews, some bad people. However despite their differences, they felt like brothers from one family, the name of which was the Church. They were united by their love of God about which they preached and prayed for each other.
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 My dear faithful, on this day we are gathered in the name of God, we are all different with different talents and gifts and various callings and with different social backgrounds and varied educational levels but what unites us is Mother Church as one large family of the Melbourne Eparchy. This is a great gift from God, which together we must save, but most importantly is to pray for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.
I greet each and everyone of you and your families on this beautiful day of celebration. May the prayers of the Apostles Peter and Paul, bring blessings to our Eparchy that it flourishes and brings us closer to God and give us the grace to be worthy children of our Heavenly Father.
God’s Blessings upon you,
+ Mykola (Bychok)