Fr. Taras honoured on Pentecost Sunday

On 27th May 1993 in St. George’s Cathedral in Lviv, Patriarch Myroslav Lubachivsky ordained Taras Gorpynyak to the priesthood. In 1999, Fr. Taras arrives with his family to serve in Australia. He spends some time in Melbourne, then Sydney, and ...

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Bishop Peter: Don’t Give up on God

They promote less engagement in society and with friends and are in fact egocentric.

Christianity and the church are under attack. In Australia the recent euthanasia debate and the same sex marriage discussions have all put focus on religion itself. We live in a world of secularism where people are increasingly materialistic, and self-centred. ...

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Mothers honoured on their special day

Eparchy mothers / ©

13th May 2018 was “Mothers’ Day” in Australia. The whole country came out to celebrate and thank mothers in many diverse ways. The more important moments were held within individual families. Our Ukrainian Catholic Church chose to thank our mothers ...

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Eparchy Welcomes fr. Andriy Mykytyuk

fr. Andrij Mykytyuk

Our Ardeer Parish welcomed its new, long awaited parish priest on April 25, 2018. Fr Andriy, his wife, Olesia, children, Andriy Lev, Yeremia and Bohuslava arrived on a late evening flight from Lviv, Ukraine. In a sense it was a ...

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Dr. Kania: Joys and Sufferings

Authenticity is the key for any Retreat programme and leader

Many years ago I can recall sitting in my classroom having just completed teaching for the week. In Perth, during February, summers are hot and trying. During that particular summer the ceiling fans struggled to cycle the oppressive air. The ...

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Владика Петро: Світ змінився. Церква також повинна змінюватися

Якщо ми прагнемо виконати те, чого хоче Бог від нас, то ми повинні всі молитися

Світ, в якому ми живемо, значно змінився за останні 10-15 років. Він змінювався з часу його “творіння”, але коли мова йде про рівень віри, морального життя, соціальної поведінки, останні 10-15 років зазнали значних змін. Менше людей вірять в Бога, відвідують ...

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