YouTube has notified our Eparchy that our YouTube account called “Ukrainian Catholic Church in Australia” has reached a significant milestone. Over 1000 subscribers have now asked YouTube to notify them that they wish to receive notification every time the church posts anything on YouTube. This milestone establishes our channel as a significant channel.

During the last 28 days 32% of those who watched us on YouTube were notified by YouTube. The 32% represents 1000 viewers. The other 68% viewers are not yet subscribed. This means that we have a couple thousand more viewers who have not yet subscribed. Over 3000 viewers is a good number.

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One of the privileges of the 1000 club is that YouTube will now allow publication of live stream material from “portable devices”. Until now we were only allowed to publish material from fixed cameras. Our cathedral has three fixed cameras. Now we can publish from any site or from any location around the Eparchy.


We have been publishing on YouTube for about 7 years. Many people must be thanked for their dedicated services which make this possible ie. Eugene Hawryszko, Victor Pylgun, Mariana Davydovska, Tony Molina, and many others.

We must continue to use the mass media to reach our people in all the effective ways available to us.