On Friday December 20, Fr Iurii Tychenok arrived in Melbourne with his wife Mariya and sons Yuriy, Svyatoslav and Julian.

Fr Iurii who is 39 years old was born in Sambir, Ukraine. Mariya was born in the Lviv Region of Ukraine as were the two oldest sons. Young Julian was born in Prince George B.C. Canada.

Fr Tychenok has been working in the New Westminster Eparchy in Canada for the last 5 years. He has now transferred to the Australian Eparchy. The immigration process from Canada took over 18 months.

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Fr Iurii has been assigned to the Geelong Parish which has been without a priest for almost 2 years.

A very special thank you must be extended to Deacon Michael Kaminskyj who has been extremely busy in the last couple of years. Not only was he administrator of the Geelong Parish in the absence of a fulltime priest he was also Administrator of the Ardeer Parish, while Fr Zenon Chorkawyj was ill. We thank both Fr Andriy Mykytyuk and Fr Racki for the support they offered  the parish during this difficult time.

Our whole Eparchy rejoices that Fr Iurii and his family have arrived.

We pray that God will bless the ministry of our new priest, Fr Iurii Tychenok.

The Eparchy needs more priests and deacons. Let us pray for new vocations.