Bishop Peter responded to a special invitation for the residents of Kalyna Care for a cup of tea and visited the residents on Friday, 17, 2017.

There are many Ukrainian pioneers in various nursing homes around Australia. Kalyna Care probably has the most Ukrainians in it because it is a home which was built by the Ukrainian Community in Melbourne.

The residents welcomed Bishop Peter with flowers and Mnohaya Lita. In turn Bishop Peter very briefly informed them of what was happening in the Ukrainian community and in Ukraine. He then asked them to share their thoughts about life in a nursing home and encouraged them to ask questions. A very lively discussion followed. They are proud of their choir, which sings on a regular basis. They shared about 5 carols together.

Kalyna Care residents

Kalyna Care residents /


Some mentioned that they enjoyed the direct telecast of the Divine Liturgy each Sunday. Bishop Peter encouraged them to pray with the whole parish by watching the service on You Tube each Sunday.

The residents also wanted to remember all those who were responsible for building Kalyna Care and all other Ukrainian institutions in Australia.

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After a nice lunch the enjoyable afternoon came to an end with the residents insisting that Bishop Peter return soon. They were grateful for the services which are provided for them by the clergy.

“We like when you come and talk to us” many said.

Bishop Peter said that it was a pleasure to be there and that he and others would be very happy to come for another “cup of tea”.

Kalyna Care is an Aged Care facility in north-west Melbourne in Delahey. It is an Ukrainian Community Project which started about 20 years ago. It is the retirement home for the Ukrainian community in Victoria. It has 102 rooms. It has all the levels of care which are normal in a nursing home. It has received several awards for excellence.

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