In Matthew’s Gospel, we read that “people do not light a candle and put it under a bushel basket”. Jesus tells us to “let our light shine before men and glorify your Father who is in heaven”. (Mt 5.15-16)

On Sunday, 11th August 2019, the parishioners of the North Melbourne Cathedral Parish showed their love and respect for the grandparents of the parish and their compassion for the poor and unfortunate of Melbourne.

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On Sunday, the parish celebrated Grandparents Day. The Cathedral was full. All present read a prayer which was written by Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky over a hundred years ago. The prayer reminded all of the fourth commandment to honour our parents and grandparents. We were reminded that they spared no effort to provide us with a solid foundation in faith and all the earthly blessings. We asked God to keep them in good health of body and soul. Bishop Peter blessed all who were present.

Children prepared gingerbread cookies for their parents and grandparents

Children prepared gingerbread cookies for their parents and grandparents

In his homily, Bishop Peter reminded all of the words of St Paul in his letter to the Ephesians: “to obey your parents in the Lord so that you may have a long life”.

He also told the young people that this church is not “grandma’s and grandpa’s church” but their church because, God does not have any grandchildren. He only has children. Our grandparents built and have maintained this parish so that each of the grandchildren can develop their own relationships with God and become God’s children in this world and the next.

After the church service, everybody went to the parish hall for a big family meal. Children prepared gingerbread cookies for their parents and grandparents.

The oldest grandparent, Mrs. Naligetty, youngest grandmother, Mrs. Theresa Novak, as well as the oldest grandfather, Mr. Jurij Semkiw, were honoured.

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