On Sunday 13 October, 2019, beginning with Holy Liturgy at 9.30 am., Parish of the Protection of the Mother of God will be celebrating their Parish Feast Day of the Most Blessed and Holy Pokrova.

Additionally, on this day, Newcastle Parish also be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Blessing of the Church, which took place on 3 September, 1969.

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This occasion is a continuation of last years various feasts.

Some Background.

Last year on its Feast Day of Pokrova, Newcastle Parish celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Blessing of the Ground and Foundation Stone (10 August, 1968).

This year, they recall that one year later, the 50th anniversary of the completion of the building and blessing of the Church erected on the Blessed Grounds.

The Church was blessed on 3 September, 1969. Holy Liturgies and other Church Services ceased to be held in the hall and began in the Church to this day.

Newcastle has one of the oldest Ukrainian communities in Australia

Newcastle has one of the oldest Ukrainian communities in Australia /©UCCNewcastle

As an aside, on 1 May, 1988, once all debts were repaid, the Church was consecrated. Last year Newcastle Parish celebrated the 30th anniversary of this event.

Recently, on 18 August, 2019, the Parish recalled the 70th anniversary of the arrival of migrant Displayed Persons directly from Europe to Newcastle on the ship Fairsea.

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Amongst the passengers on this historic arrival of the Fairsea to Newcastle were Ukrainian passengers.

They, together with other Displaced Ukrainian people arriving in Newcastle via other means, gathered together as a community and eventually purchased the land, built the hall and also the church.

This Year – on its Feast Day of Pokrova, Newcastle Parish express their Gratitude and Thanksgiving to all who contributed to and left their legacy, inheritance and tradition – they left for the Parish their heart and soul.

Pokrova Praznyk Newcastle 2019

Hence, on Sunday, 13 October, 2019, after having prayed at Holy Liturgy in the blessed and consecrated Church standing on blessed Grounds, and having adjourned to the Hall for a luncheon, all present will be invited to participate in the ‘building’ of a “Gratitude Garden”.

The ‘building’ of the garden will be their expression not only of remembrance of the pioneers.

“It will also express gratitude to our parents who diligently dedicated themselves to our lives, as well as to all who as a community expressed their diligent dedication beyond their family – to God and the Ukrainian Nation and Tradition – they left us our legacy and responsibility which we use to this day” – says Fr. Paul Berezniuk.

At the end of the day, all will be able to take home their part of the “Gratitude Garden”.


As places are limited for the luncheon in the hall, you will need to call Marika Wijtowycz (0425 243 945) or Ihor Jaremus (0400 095 586) to reserve your place.

Fr. Paul Berezniuk.

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