Newcastle Parish Feast Day – Pokrova, Protection of the Mother of God, will be held on Sunday, 15 October, 2017 beginning with Holy Liturgy at 9.30 am.

Following Holy Liturgy, there will be blessing of an icon known as Pokrova (Protection of the Theotokos, meaning ‘God Bearer’, commonly known as Mother of God).

The icon has been prayerfully written (not painted) over a number of months by Fr. Richard Charlwood of our Perth Parish.

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Pokrova means to Protect / Veil and hence the icon depicts the Theotokos holding a veil, symbolising the Intercession or Protection of the Blessed Theotokos to whom Newcastle Parish has been dedicated – hence its name Protection of the Mother of God.

This icon was commissioned for a specific purpose which will become apparent on the day.

Celebrations will continue in Parishes’ Living Hall with a three course feast prepared by a great professional Chef, who has moved to Newcastle from Sydney, Cameron Clarke.

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Additionally, the incredible musical duo ‘Zdyvovani’, who have rediscovered their youth era professional musical selves and becoming more and more “Amazed with Themselves” (hence the duo Ukrainian name ‘Zdyvovani’) will entertain everyone with their still intact talented skills from their youthful years.

“All of the above are excellent reasons as to why you should not be elsewhere but with us, sharing your very self, which is a gift of Love.

If anyone is thinking, well I am not Ukrainian in any way or not of the same religious expression, that is ok – you can still share yourself with us, because our traditions are from the Ukrainian people for the whole world” – says Fr. Paul Berezniuk

For more details please contact Parish on 02 4961 3651 or visit 105 Gosford Rd, Adamstown NSW 2289