The Taras Shevchenko Concert was held on Sunday March 26th in the Ukrainian Catholic Hall in Maylands.

By Dmytro Legeyda. – The Concert began with an address by the President of the Ukrainian Association Mr Mykola Mowczan. I have never seen so many performers and guests at a Taras Shevchenko Commemoration nearly a hundred in all, and no wonder thanks to Natalia Holovina who created a very dynamic and exciting scenario.

All the action was in the centre of the Hall surrounded by the audience who listened to the life Taras Shevchenko as the children recited Shevchenko poems and stitched a tapestry of his life on a traditional Ukrainian ‘rushnyk’ in red and black threads and were supported by their parents who were alongside them during their performances.

The concert was a wonderful mix of Shevchenko’s poetry, dances by CYM Western Stars, piano performances by legend of Ukrainian music in WA Myroslav Gutej, singing by CYM druzhynnyky, and a famous Ukrainian opera singer Vasyl Dudar and his daughter Anastasia who played on the violin, her little son Vasyl’ko who recited a lengthy Shevchenko poem, and lots more that made the concert unforgettable.

Thanks again to Natalia Holovina for her organization of a second wonderfully creative concert, Daniel Rosowsky for his explanations in English, Fr Ihor Holovko all his support and making the Parish Hall available. Thanks also to all the performers, and the ladies in the kitchen who prepared tea, coffee and lunch.