13th May 2018 was “Mothers’ Day” in Australia. The whole country came out to celebrate and thank mothers in many diverse ways. The more important moments were held within individual families.

Our Ukrainian Catholic Church chose to thank our mothers within the church family. Special prayers and blessings were celebrated in various parishes.

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In the prayers, which were used to pay tribute to our mothers, were prayers of thanksgiving; remembering those who have already passed away; and prayers for the future. Mary, the Mother of God and of us all, was evoked as our intercessor before God.

In North Melbourne, at all the liturgies, all mothers in the church were asked to come to the front of the church where they were each given a flower and given a special blessing.

Sons and daughters, husbands and families, sang a spirited Mnohaya lita and greeted the mothers with applause. It was a very special Mothers’ Day!