The Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky Ukrainian School was founded in 1951 by Bishop Ivan Prasko. It is the oldest Ukrainian school in Australia.

On Saturday, 7th February 2015, about 90 students, teachers, and parents gathered at the North Melbourne Cathedral for the formal opening of the school year.

Bishop Peter Stasiuk, Fr. Ivan Mysiv, and Parish administrator Fr. Alex Kenez celebrated the Divine Liturgy. The Basilian Sisters lead the children in the responses.

Mrs. Marijka Cikoya and Maria Van der Werf are the co-principals of the school. The parents’ committee is being led by Myroslav Loboda. The school is located in the Cathedral basement. It has classes for students up to year 12. The school has its own website:-

Bishop Peter told the children in his address to them that they were part of one big family which has members overseas and in Australia. He told them that he was proud of them because they had committed themselves to learning more about their faith, language, and traditions. He reminded them that the whole community was there to support them to have a very good school year. “We are very happy to have you back for another school year!”