(1st MAY,2021) 3.00pm and 6.00pm SERVICES

This Easter Saturday services will be a little different to previous years, please read very carefully.

There will be two service times available for you to choose from, and to venues. However you must book your place at one of the two service times and venues for Easter Saturday – 1st May, 2021, – church or hall upstairs. Please remember, we are still restricted with numbers due to COVID-19.

Through this booking system we will try to accommodate every parishioner who wishes to come. Numbers will indicate how many we can accommodate .

It is important that we help one another, particularly help those parishioners and your elderly parents who do not have access to a computer to book. If you have any difficulties, please contact Felix Figurek on 0401 045 546

All bookings will be confirmed by email on Friday April 30,2021 by 10.00pm.

When you come to the service there will be Marshalls at the front door to the cathedral and the entrance to the hall, who will mark your name off on their “trybooking list”. Ewen though you have booked you will still need to QR in as you have been doing each time that you have been coming to Liturgy.

If every place is booked on the trybooking website, email Mrs Mary Kostraby on [email protected].


To book you are required to use the following web address www.trybooking.com/BQOAV

And follow the instructions. All information needs to be filled in for each person who is being booked in. (For a couple or family, use the same email address for each member.)