On June, 28th 2014, Victor and Marijka Rudewych announced that they were donating $750,000 to the Ukrainian Eparchy in Australia. This was the second major donation in a week by Mr and Mrs. Rudewych. Earlier they donated $1.52 million dollars to support Ukrainian Studies in Australia. This donation included $44,000 to be distributed annually till 2019 to students in Years 7-12 in Ukrainian Schools in the country.

The donation to the church was divided into three parts:

  • $150,000 was given to preserve the cultural heritage of the North Melbourne Cathedral.
  • $200,000 was given to support youth services in all the parishes of the Eparchy. Each parish is invited to create a Youth Committee of at least five young people (aged 16-25) who would receive $12,000 per parish to create and run programs which would be beneficial to the development of their young lives. These programs would be under the supervision of the local parish priest but would give full responsibility to the young people themselves to run the programs. The project would last for three years with the money intended to last for that time.
  • In another major element to the grant, the Rudewych’s grant $400,000 as seed money to fully implement a project which would build a new Bishop Ivan Prasko Library and Museum and a new Ukrainian School for the children of the Parish in Melbourne. The project itself would cost considerably more. Major fund raising will need to be done in the near future.

Members of the Ukrainian Community of North Melbourne met with the donors on Wednesday, 2nd 2014. Bishop Peter Stasiuk and Mr Stephen Romaniw thanked Victor and Marijka for their vision, generosity and their continued support of the Ukrainian Community in Australia