Icon Painting School Radruzh of  the Ukrainian Catholic University offers a unique online studying program.

In this time of quarantine and world-wide struggle with the corona-virus we can easily become victims of panic, stress and depression… Or we can use this time to focus on something valuable, to re-think our lives, to meditate on what is really important…And, perhaps, to realize some of our dreams for which we never had time before. 

In the time of distress nothing is so supportive, so life-affirming as prayer and art, spirituality and beauty.

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We offer a unique chance to combine one and the other: we invite you to paint with us an icon without leaving the safety and comfort of your home. As a school of traditional Ukrainian iconography we work in the ancient ‘tempera’ technique, i.e. painting on wooden board with natural pigments (ground colorful minerals) mixed with egg yolk.  

We will be painting two icons of your choice – St Archangel Michael and St Nicholas – both based old Ukrainian prototypes of 15-16 c. The painting process is based on prerecorded video-tutorials, real-time online instructions (as Zoom or Skype vied meetings), and personal tutoring by an experienced teacher of iconography. 

All video tutorials are in Ukrainian only! But the instructions and communication with the tutor can be in English (upon your request).

For more details, please visit: http://radruzh.org/onlajn-kursy-ikonopysu/

We meet 3-4 times a week (1,5 hour sessions).

All participants will receive all-in-one kits with board, painting supplies and materials.

We opened a continuous intake for small groups, which start as soon as the group of 5-10 participants is formed. The closest opportunity to join is March 31.

If you are interested or/and have questions – please contact as at [email protected]

If you wish to register – please use this simple online form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScLq6nvh-goyRoTYJ0NjVGg0BEG2aFxZF4fNy_UoRMh6Mhi6Q/viewform