Ask the Priest


I am very concerned about this question.

 My daughter just moved into an apartment with her boyfriend.  They have been together for over four years and will probably marry one day.  We were just told by our priest at our Ukrainian Catholic Church that my daughter will not be able to receive communion because living together is a sin. 

She will be able to receive communion if she is engaged and live together.  I am very confused about this situation. My daughter goes to confession and she is just upset about this whole thing. Why is it that she can’t receive communion?  Please answer my question.



I’m not sure that you are quoting the parish priest  correctly.  I am sure that he did not say that your daughter could receive Holy Communion if she was engaged and continued to live as if she was married.  She in fact would be able to receive the sacrament only if she was married.  I praise that fact that she goes to church and to confession.  She can of course receive the sacrament of Holly Communion after repentance for her sins.


Thank you