Covid restrictions are being lifted. We have been waiting for this for many months. We thank those who have held our church community together through webcasting and other means of communication.

In some of the darkest hours of this pandemic, we found solace by praying at home. Yet we missed the church, the sacraments, the lack of family and friends at funerals and other services. We knew that praying in front of a screen was good but only temporary.

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We mourn those who have passed away from this infection and pray for those who suffered.

It’s time to come back together again, in a way which is safe and in compliance of regulations. We need the strength of our church community, our greater family and friends. We need each other to help heal the pains we have endured and to get back to a normal life.

As we look at the Sacred Scriptures, for example, Acts 2:41-47, we notice that early Christians gathered to hear the word of God, to receive the Eucharist, to share meals together and to give thanks. They realized that Jesus Christ was in their midst in this gathering of the church community.

It’s time to do this again in our parish, to come back on Sunday, to praise God, to support each other, build community, and shape our future. We need each other, we missed each other. See you at the parish this Sunday.