On Monday the 17th June, 2019, our well known parishioner Eugene (Gigs) Hawryszko was asked to join AFL Legend, Kevin Sheedy a very good friend of his for an interview on Multiculturalism in the AFL at Essendon Football Club on the community channel 31/44 and nationally on Foxtel channel Aurora.

Eugene worked at the Essendon club on a voluntary basis for some 20 years. In that time he assisted Kevin on matchday, Team Managed the Reserves, managed a charity fund raiser, video’d players on match day and took notes for Kevin in the coaches box which were used to address players at the breaks and to satisfy the media after the game was over.

Kevin praised the importance of Eugenes work re the charities and some $4 million was raised over the years for various groups.

On asking Eugene how they both met, Eugene explained that he team managed a team his son Adam played in at Gladstone Park and needed help as the boys had skills but if manhandled or were hit by the opposition they would lose their desire to go in for the ball or even their competitive nature.

Kevin introduced the Essendon boxing coach to Eugene and free of charge Nick Neophitou coached the boys in boxing. The boys gained confidence and balance within 2 sessions and ended up playing in the grand final and only lost by 2 points.

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Kevin saw the passion in Eugene and needed reliable staff. In 1989 Kevin requested Eugene to join the club. The rest is history and both have been great friends since.

The producer of Channel 31 was very pleased with the interview and stated it is one of the best they ever had.

Eugene received a very nice letter from the Admin Assistant of the channel praising Kevin and him for a very good interview and show. “I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as we did. Thank you for your efforts and time…”

The show was screened on the19th June on local and national and international channels via cable.

You can watch the segment by googling “you tube NEMBC”