Kalyna Care is an Aged Care facility in north-west Melbourne in Delahey. It is an Ukrainian Community Project which started about 20 years ago. It is the retirement home for the Ukrainian community in Victoria. It has 102 rooms. It has all the levels of care which are normal in a nursing home. It has received several awards for excellence.

It has one other feature which is appreciated by its residents. It has weekly religious services. A priest comes once a week for Divine Liturgy in the chapel at the Home. At Easter Bishop Peter and visiting clergy came to bless the Easter food. This year on 11th April, Fr. Zenon Chorkawyj and Fr. Ivan Pashula assisted in the service. The Basilian Sisters led the responses. You could see the joy on the faces of the senior citizens who live at Kalyna but are actually the pioneers who built all the Ukrainian community structures in Australia.

This date is a very important one on the calendar for the seniors who are residents.

One of the residents is Oksana Tarnawska, who once led the Easter service on each Easter Saturday with her youth choir at the Cathedral. She now has her other choir at Kalyna Care. This time it is made up of residents.

We pray for Oksana and all the residents.

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