Father Ihor, Olenka, Victoria and Sophie Holovko are in Trumau, Austria, which is near Vienna. Father Ihor is on a two year sabbatical studying eastern theology at the International Theological Institute which was founded by Pope John Paul II in 1996. The mission of the school is to unite the eastern and western traditions of the church. Liturgies are celebrated in both traditions. Theological attention is paid to marriage and the family. There are about 70 students from all parts of the world.


I had the privilege of celebrating a daily liturgy at the school, and then the solemn Divine Liturgy at the opening of the academic year on Monday September 2nd, as well as attending the convocation.

Father Ihor and his family live in a pleasant apartment on campus. Priests and seminarians from various eparchies study at the school. They all live in apartments on campus.

The visit was highlighted by a friendly visit to Father Victor Kurmanowych. He passes on his greetings to all he knows in Australia.

While I was in Austria, again it was a privilege to serve the Divine Liturgy at St Barbara’s church in Vienna. This is the oldest Ukrainian Catholic Church outside of Ukraine. The church was full of faithful. It is now home for the many thousands of Ukrainians who live in Vienna. There are a number of churches around Austria which are used by our people. Father Ihor helps out on Sundays when he is asked to do so.