On January 24, the second day of the meeting of the diocesan coordinators in implementing the UGCC development strategy, its participants had the opportunity to meet with His Beatitude Lubomyr, Archbishop Emeritus of the UGCC.

In his address to the participants, His Beatitude Lubomyr expressed his belief that the goal outlined the Synod of Bishops as the “Holiness of People United in God” can only be met if our church is a real church, and each of our communities a community of believers.

His Beatitude expressed his joy over the fact that the participants devote their time and efforts to implement the strategy, “since the strategy is a future.”

“Different structures in the life of the church are important, but what you are doing and working on, that is, the revival of the parish, is the most important. Christian life is in the parish. If we want to see a live church, then our parish has to be a community of believers. The parish is a unit in the church, where there is true, eternal life,” explained His Beatitude.

The spiritual leader of the UGCC said: “We don’t need to be influential or wealthy; we need to be authentic Christians.”

Bishop Ken Nowakowski, the head of working group on implementation of the Strategy for Development of the UGCC until 2020, thanked His Beatitude Lubomyr for visiting and wished him health and strength of the Holy Spirit.

UGCC Information Department