The clergy and the faithful cordially congratulate His Grace Bishop Mykola, Eparch of Melbourne, on the occasion of the birthday.

From the depths of our hearts, we offer prayerful thanks to the merciful Lord for the gift of your life and service, which you, as a wise manager, courageously conduct for the glory of God and the good of her faithful!

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On this day, we offer sincere prayers to the Creator, so that He will confirm you in perfect love, grace, zeal, God’s wisdom, and strength to serve the Word and fulfill His will!

May the All-Merciful Lord grant you long and happy years of life, fill your heart with peace, listen to your prayers, and reward you a hundredfold for your good service to His glory! And may the Most Holy Mother of God tirelessly help, support and guide you on your life path!

For many summers, His Holiness Bishop Mykola!

With prayers for you,

Clergy and faithful of the Eparchy of Melbourne