Seven choirs helped celebrate the 6th annual Christmas Carol Festival on Sunday, 10th January 2016. Some commented that it was the best yet. It certainly was well attended. Seven choirs participated and everyone was served with a full meal at the end. Fr. Ihor Holovko had a dream six years ago and now most parishes in Australia have featured carol singing as part of its Christmas programming.

The festival opened with a welcome from the Geelong Church Choir. They were followed by a large group of SUM members also from Geelong. They had special guests in from Ukraine in their choir. Plast Geelong followed with their usual heartfelt singing.

Yaryna Kvitka and Volodymyr Muliar of “Folknery”, the “bicycle people” from Ukraine, have travelled to Australia on their bikes. They were the highlight of the evening. As Orest Popowycz, the MC of the festival said “I have never heard anything like this”.

The Melbourne Cathedral Choir followed under the leadership of Professor Volodymyr Holovko. Their music is legendary in our community and was fully appreciated by all.

Rodyna followed with a number of carols. For one carol they were joined by their children. Under the direction of Miroslav Granolic, the folk group again had the audiences in “awe’. They were truly enjoyable.

Homin from Noble Park followed. They featured a new member from Crimea who has just arrived in Australia. This male choir under Professor Holovko’s leadership was a real treat to listen to.

The evening was concluded by the Geelong Church Choir. This truly was a special day in our Eparchy.

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