On 27th May 1993 in St. George’s Cathedral in Lviv, Patriarch Myroslav Lubachivsky ordained Taras Gorpynyak to the priesthood.

In 1999, Fr. Taras arrives with his family to serve in Australia. He spends some time in Melbourne, then Sydney, and now serves in our Wayville parish in Adelaide. Fr. Taras has a wife, Natalia, and four children.

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Bishop Peter, Mr. George Fedyszyn, Head of the Eparchial Pastoral Council, and other guests from across Australia came to Adelaide to participate in the celebrations. The Orthodox clergy of Adelaide came with their families to pray with Fr. Taras and his family. The church service and dinner downstairs were attended by a fairly big crowd.

Bishop Peter, during the Liturgy, thanked God for the vocation of Fr. Taras, who is known as a very kind and compassionate priest, one who is loved by all. His vocation is a gift to the church both in Ukraine and Australia. He answered God’s invitation only months after Ukraine declared its independence and our church came out from the underground. Fr. Taras is a very good pastor.

Fr. Taras has a wife, Natalia, and four children.

Fr. Taras has a wife, Natalia, and four children.

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As Bishop Peter said, Fr. Taras answered God’s call at the same time as about 4 million people came out from the underground. God loves our people, our church, and Ukraine. God has blessed our church in the underground, and He blesses the same church now, as it has spread through the world. As Fr. Taras and all of us faithful continue to love their church, we can expect it to survive into the future.

As Bishop Peter pointed out, the ordination of Fr. Taras on Pentecost Sunday is a sign of hope for us all. The Holy Spirit has come upon all of us. We congratulate Fr. Taras on his 25th anniversary of priestly ordination.