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Fr. Taras Gorpynyak / ©catholicukes.org.au
Fr. Taras Gorpynyak / ©catholicukes.org.au

Fr.Taras Gorpynyak elevated to Archpriest

On Thursday, 7th June 2018, Fr. Taras Gorpynyak of our parish in Wayville, South Australia, was elevated to the level of Canon in our Eparchy in a ceremony at Pallotti College in Millgrove, Victoria.

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The clergy of the Eparchy sang Axios, Axios (He is worthy!) as Bishop Peter put a jewelled cross around his neck and an epigonation on his shoulder.

The prayer of installation explained the new roles and obligations of Fr. Taras. He, now as a senior priest, must set a good example, guide other clergy and teach the younger clergy of the Eparchy.

Fr. Taras Gorpynyak


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