On Monday, 15th May 2017, Bishop Peter announced that Fr Simon Ckuj had been named Protosyncellus and Chancellor of the Eparchy of Ss Peter and Paul. What this means is that Fr Simon is second in charge in the Eparchy and that he represents the Bishop when he is not in the Eparchy.

This is a role that was held by Fr Olexander Kenez for about 20 years. Fr Olexander has recently announced his desire to retire from active service in the Eparchy!

Fr Simon will continue to work in the Sydney parish, but, as he is already doing will take on more Eparchial duties.

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On Thursday, 18th May 2017, the priests and deacons gathered in a Soborchyk in Warburton, Victoria, elected a new slate of Consultors of the Eparchy. Those who are now elected as new advisors of the Eparchy for the next 5 years are: Fr Paul Babie, Fr Brian Kelty, Fr Zenon Racki, Fr Ihor Holovko and Fr Ihor Bakay.

A sincere vote of appreciation is extended to Fr Olexander Kenez, Fr Taras Gorpynyak and Fr Peter Struk who have served the Eparchy during the past Eparchial administration.

Fr Olexander should especially be acknowledged for his long and faithful service in the office of the former Vicar General. Over many difficult times, he helped ovesee the growth and expansion of our Eparchy. May God Bless you!