Fr. Olex Kenez will be retiring after 23 years of priestly ministry in the Cathedral Parish in North Melbourne.

For about 20 years Fr. Kenez held role of Protosyncellus of the Eparchy of Ss Peter and Paul.

“Fr Olexander should especially be acknowledged for his long and faithful service in the office of the former Vicar General. Over many difficult times, he helped ovesee the growth and expansion of our Eparchy. May God Bless you!” – said Bishop Peter.

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Fr. Alex Kenez, a legend for his work with sailors. He has worked as a s Port Chaplain of Melbourne from 1998 to until 2014 when he resigned for health reasons.

He will be departing to live in Indonesia.

We thank him for his devoted service to our Parish, Eparchy and the Port of Melbourne.

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