In the morning of the 3rd of December 2014 Fr. Ivan Mysiv and his wife Zoriana arrived from Ukraine and for the first time stepped on Australian soil. They arrived at Melbourne Airport., and were met by Fr. Petro Struk and Mr. Eugene Hawryszko. The trip to Australia was about thirty hours or so, because of the distance between Ukraine and Australia.

Currently it is winter in Ukraine. Australia is going into summer. There are different time zones, climate etc. The newcomers will need to adapt to their new land.

On the 23rd of February Fr. Ivan became a priest by the laying on of hands by Bishop Ken, Eparch of New Westminster for Ukrainian Catholics in British Columbia and Yukon in Canada. The ordination took place at St. Josaphat’s Church in Lviv, Ukraine. The new priest arrived to serve the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. This young priest from Ukraine is only 26 old. He agreed to serve our Church in Australia. He together with his wife accepted the challenge to leave their native Ukraine, their parents and relatives to come to a foreign country to serve the Ukrainian Church here. At this time, Fr. Ivan is serving the Cathedral parish in North Melbourne.