A few weeks ago Fr. Danylo suffered a major heart attack. On Sunday before Liturgy, which he usually serves alone, he suddenly felt very unwell. The ambulance was phoned immediately. The ambulance came and He was rushed to Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.

He remained unconscious for several days. Over the last few days he began to regain consciousness and is now awake, speaking and eating on his own. At this moment Fr. Danylo still in the hospital. Fr. Stefan Sapun, administrator of Protection of the Mother of God in Brisbane (Queensland) informs us that it is improbable that he will be able to return to the parish and will need constant care in some facility.

Fr. Danylo is much loved in our Eparchy. He served in Perth, Geelong, and Brisbane. He came from Argentina where he had served for many years. He came from the former Yugoslavia.

He is known for his simple, devout manner. He is a deeply spiritual priest. It should be noted that Fr. Danylo is a good sculptor. In Argentina and in Australia he has left us a whole series of cement statues, mostly on religious themes, but in Argentina, his statues are giant monuments at the entrance to a few towns. He is 86 old.

Please pray for his complete recovery. He certainly appreciates your prayers.

The pictures of the statues of Fr. Danylo