Fr. Ihor Kolisnyk C.Ss.R., the former Redemptorist Provincial of the Lviv, Ukraine province, is arriving in Auckland, New Zealand in February, 2015. He will take up residence in the Redemptorist community in Auckland. From there he will serve Ukrainians in the Island Nation.

Fr. Andriy Mykytyuk is presently in New Zealand visiting all Ukrainians preparing them for the arrival of their new pastor. Fr. Andriy will visit all cities and as many homes as he can.

Ukrainians in New Zealand are already working hard at formalizing the essential structures that are needed to create a community.

The Roman Catholic Church and bishops have been informed of the creation of a Ukrainian Parish and have expressed their support.

It is very important that our Ukrainian Eparchy join them in our support for them, whether it is spiritually, culturally or financially.

There is no doubt that the strong Ukrainian community in New Zealand is very beneficial to the residents of New Zealand but also to the rest of us as well.