On Sunday, 10th January 2016, our North Melbourne Parish had special guests. Volodymyr Muliar and Yaryna Kvitka from Kyiv and who are in the Ukrainian folk band “Folknery”. The band does contemporary arrangements of very old Ukrainian music and songs. All parishioners present at the Sunday Divine Liturgy were invited to the concert.

Fr. Ivan Mysiv presented the band to the parishioners. The hall was full because everybody wanted to hear this famous band from Kyiv which had come to our parish.

Folknery presented a few old carols and songs from different regions of Ukraine. Everybody enjoyed their music.

The members of this band arrived in Australia on bicycles having stated their journey on 1st October 2014 in Kyiv. Their plan was to finish their ride in a year but not all goes to plan.

During their long journey Volodymyr and Yaryna travelled through Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia. They held many concerts in each country. They will continue their ride from Brisbane to Sydney after having made a detour to Melbourne.

Folknery will perform more concerts in Melbourne. On 11th January they will be at the Bar Oussou in Melbourne. On the 15th January they will be performing at the Melbourne Malanka at the Essendon Ukrainian Hall and on 16th January they will be at the Geelong Malanka.