On Sunday, 1st October, in our parish of Sts. Peter and Paul, we celebrate a very special occasion, the Solemn Holy Communion for 17 of our children who will receive the body and blood of Jesus in the form of bread and wine.

We wish them and their families all God’s blessings on this day and for the future. May their faith be strengthened each day of their lives.

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Parents we also congratulate you for your patience and tireless work in preparing and bringing your children to classes during the past four months.

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Baker Sarah, Cicala Blake, Foskett Samuel, Kuiper Jamie, Havrila Olivier Paul, Holovka Valentina Lucy, Kekoc Tayissa, Keele-Krasulak Christian, Marnik Tiana, McDiarmid Owen, Makohon Oksana, Smorhaj Anastasia Miriam, Tandy William, Vidal Xavier, Zauch Ava, Giroud Alexander James, Pjekni Anthony, Pjekni Dennis.

We ask all parishioners to continue praying for these children, that they remain faithful to God and grow up to be a credit to their parents and the community.