On Sunday, November 27, in the parish of Dormition of the Mother of God, Ardeer children began the Sacrament of First Confession and solemn Holy Communion.

Father Andriy Mykytyuk, the parish priest, says this about this event: “This year, our parish was blessed to have 6 children who began these Holy Sacraments. Three children were born in Australia, they are already the 3rd generation of Ukrainians, and three are newly arrived who have flown in from Ukraine in recent months.”

The children started preparing for the reception of the Holy Sacraments at the beginning of July, studying the basics of faith every week, learning about the Christian life, and understanding the concept of good and evil more and more.

On this Sunday, on this solemn day, the church was filled with people. Parents, godparents, relatives, and friends came to share the joy with the children.

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Before the start of the Liturgy, the children first began the Mystery of Confession. Father Andriy emphasized to everyone present that Confession is not a private matter, because Christianity cannot be only private – it is essential that children take the first step towards forgiveness and set an example for adults who often forget about it in their lives.

The children also recited prayers of thanksgiving after Confession, before and after Holy Communion. On this day, the Apostle was read in two languages ​​- Ukrainian and English.

In his sermon in the context of the Gospel from Luke, the father emphasized the importance of Confession in our lives: “Today we have heard the Gospel about two miracles: the healing of the bleeding woman and the healing and resurrection of Jairus’ daughter. Today we have also witnessed a similar miracle because the Sacrament is the action of God in our lives. These miracles happen if we believe and let God into our lives, if we touch Him with faith.”

The father noted that many people crowded around Christ, but only the bleeding one was healed, who touched it with faith. Likewise, many were in the girl’s house, but only the chosen ones He called saw the miracle. Summing up, the father added: “That is why it is important for us to see God’s love, to see His mercy, His forgiveness and approach Him with faith and hope that He heals and works miracles for us, resurrects us and brings us back to life.”

After the Liturgy, the children sang two songs in Ukrainian and English, in order to entertain others with their presence and talents.

Afterward, the parish council prepared a delicious lunch for the children and everyone present. Among the treats was a delicious cake, which was baked for the children on the occasion of this important event in their lives. On this day, the parish family of Ardeer was full of joy and grace in the Holy Spirit.