On February 15 th the Church celebrates the feast of the Presentation of the Lord which occurs forty days after the birth of Jesus and is also known as Candlemas day, since the blessing and procession of candles is included in today’s liturgy.

On this Feast day, we see Jesus forty days old, carried into the temple in Jerusalem by Mary and Joseph, to be recognized as God’s Messiah by the aged Simeon and Anna.

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At the Liturgy, on this feast day, we read in Luke 2:22-40 about this meeting. Joseph and Mary marvelled to hesr what Simeon said, Mary treasured in her heart. Simeon prophesied to Mary.

“This child is destined to be the downfall and the rise of many in Israel, a sign that will be opposed and you yourself shall be pierced with a sword.”

Mary was early made aware of the suffering which would come through being the mother of the Redeemer of the world.

”The greater the love, the greater the suffering.”

Anna, the prophetess, was about 84 years old. She served God in fasting and prayer, night and day, in the temple. When she saw the Child, she gave thanks to God, and spoke about

Jesus to those others of the faithful remnant who lived in Jerusalem.


Hail, Mother of God, Virgin full of grace. From you has shown forth the Sun of Justice, Christ our Lord, shining upon those who are in darkness. Rejoice also, you just Elder Simeon, for you received in your arms the Redeemer of our souls who has given us Resurrection.