On Sunday 17th November 2013, the Melbourne and Geelong branches of the Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM), came together at the CYM property “Karpaty” in Buxton, to celebrate the feast day of their patron, Archangel Michael.

Each year, the day is kick-started by a parade of CYM members. At the assembly, which followed, the president of the CYM Melbourne board, Mr Steven Sikora welcomed all members and guests to the wonderful property which is currently being rebuilt after the black Saturday fires.

Throughout the year CYM members work hard in their CYM youth groups. On Sunday, many of these members received badges in recognition for passing written badge tests, many of which, according to the senior leader were “of excellent standard”. In addition, some members pledged their oaths and moved on to the next level of CYM, receiving the appropriate coloured tie.

After all members and guest taking part in the Divine Litergy, there was lunch and a wonderful afternoon of games and activities. There was something for everyone.

More photos are here