It has been three and a half years since Fr. Jarko and his family returned to work in Slovakia. He served in our Brisbane parish for over 8 years. He was known as a hard-working, pious priest and also for his fresh ideas and desire to teach the faith.

One of his projects in Brisbane was to build the chapel at Marian Valley. This is the shrine which was blessed by our Patriarch Sviatoslav in September 2014. Fr. Jarko started the project but never saw how it looked on completion. The present pastor, Fr. Stefan Sapun, overlooked its final design and completion.

On Saturday 18th April, the clergy responsible for the project, Fr. Jarko, Fr. Stefan, and Deacon William visited the shrine. It was a very emotional visit for the three of them. Memories and prayers were shared. It was one of those “It’s good to be here” moments in life. “I’m so happy to be back here” said F. Jarko. “I hope that his shrine will continue to bring people closer to God” he added.

Fr. Jarko is a member of the Australian Eparchy. He is on loan to the Slovakian church for a few years.

Ukrainian Chapel Opening