This year, a national Plast Camp was held in Victoria from December 26th to January 3rd. about 40 young people, and their leaders, spent their time near Portland, Victoria, in a bush walking and water sports camp. They did not appear at the camp Sokil.

About 6 children over 6 years old, the younger Plast members, and about 15 younger children and their parents attended the camp which was themed “Just like in the Circus!”

Father Ihor Bakaj celebrated liturgy on Sunday December 29th, while Bishop Peter drove to camp on December 31st and for a Divine Liturgy on January 1st.

New Year’s Eve was celebrated by all camp participants at a big “vatra”, and fun program. Santa Clause, on his way back to the North Pole, dropped in for directions back to his home, and to spread some Christmas cheer.

The traditional “Plast Yalenka” was held on January 1st in the late afternoon. The young campers put on a very impressive program for the parents, and numerous visitors who dropped in for the day.