An  organisation  that embraces Ukrainian Catholic Women  in faith and friendship,  where they can embrace their God given vocation, share their talents and make a sincere gift of self  to others.

The League’s objectives are, therefore based on Catholic Faith in Jesus Christ  and the mission of His church. UCWLA welcomes all denominations and nationalities to work on League projects and unite together at UCWLA functions.

The Ukrainian Catholic church embraces all. Our  primary responsibility to the mission of the church, is to develop a deep understanding of our faith, and to  understand what it means to be a Ukrainian Catholic (of the Byzantine Rite,) and to practice and promote our faith.


UCWLA Annual Retreat 2013


History of UCWLA  (presented in 2007) UCWLA Presentation  (presented in 2007)


 UCWLA Activities – Sydney




 UCWLA Activities – Melbourne

PHOTOS Baking Paska   April 2011 [AFG_gallery id=’40’]

Retreat      2011

[AFG_gallery id=’41’]Preparing Sviata Vechera 2011 [AFG_gallery id=’42’]