Recently the Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM) celebrated two significant events. The first is the 65th anniversary of the existence of CYM in Australia. The second, the re-opening of their camp (Karpaty) near Buxton, Victoria.

In 2009, the camp was totally destroyed in the Black Saturday fire. Since then the yearly camps were held in various sites around Victoria. This year after a six year absence, over 250 people gathered to celebrate and to participate in the newly rebuilt camp. While you can still see evidence of the great fire of 2009, the camp certainly looks quite different with all the trees and vegetation that are now missing. In so many ways the camp itself is bigger and better after the rebuild. It is now all brand new. It was a pleasure to live and work at the camp.

Everyone has thanked God and those who have worked so hard to open up again. It was a major effort and one which was well done. Our Eparchy played its part in the program for the children and all participants.

Fr Andrij Mykytyuk travelled to the Buxton camp on December 28th for Divine Liturgy on Sunday. Bishop Peter Stasiuk and Fr Ivan Mysiv spent four days at the camp (December 30th to January 2nd). Divine Liturgy was again celebrated on January 1st 2015.

Bishop Peter held catechetical sessions with all the age groups who were at the camp. He spoke about the upcoming Eparchial Sobor, which will be held in Melbourne on the weekend of 25th to 26th April 2015. He also spoke of the Patriarchal Sobor which will be held in IvanoFrankivsk on 25th to 28th August later this year. This will be a world widesobor on the topic of the Vibrant Parish.

The camp itself was an important opportunity for Fr Ivan and Zoriana Mysiv to meet the people of our parish who were at camp. Zoriana established herself as a keen fisher very quickly. She caught nine fish in one day.

All agreed that the camp commander Tamara Morovski and her team, which included Daniel Tkaczuk, Marko Hyd, Nick Soloczynskyj, Iordan Kohut, Katya Soloczynskyj, Sofia Verbovetski, Adam Masendycz, Christine Verbovetski, Eva Paraskevakis, Adam Jartym, Peter Duma, Kathryn Flunt, Mark Herczaniwski, Nick Ckuj, Paul Herczaniwski, Tania Senjov, Steven Sikora, Nicholas Popowycz, had done an outstanding job on this year’s camp, and all are looking forward to next years all Australia camp at the same site.

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