Bishop Peter and Bishop Mykola announced on December 31, 2020, that 2021 would be a “Year of the Family” in our Australian Eparchy

The last time that our Ukrainian eparchy celebrated the Year of the Family was in 2003. That year, Mr Marian Tkaczuk as chair of the Eparchial Pastoral Council celebrated a very successful Eparchial celebration of the Year of the Family.

On December 27, 2020, Pope Francis announced another “special year dedicated to the family”. He invited the whole world to take part. He stated that the special year would begin on March 19, 2021, and last for a whole year. He asked that the document “The Joy of Love” would be a basis for the worldwide celebration.

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Bishop Mykola said that, “I pray for God’s blessing on all our families during this special year”. Bishop Peter stated that, “As in 2003, so this year, each parish in the Eparchy would be free to engage their own Parish Councils to organize “Year of the Family” activities on a local level. “There will be some leadership coming from the Eparchial Office”, Bishop Stasiuk added, “but it is best for each parish to organize activities around the broad basis of family life”.

This is a very timely and important initiative. The range of activities based on “family” is very broad. 2021 can be a very important year in the life of our Eparchy.

Pope Francis said, “The pandemic experience has highlighted the central role of the family as the domestic Church and has shown the importance of community ties between families which make the church an authentic “family of families”.

The Pope also offered some friendly advice to families. He asked them to say, “Pardon me, Thank you, Sorry”. He concluded by reminding families to never end a day without making peace with one another.