“And if Christ is not risen then our preaching is in vain, our, then our faith is in vain…But Christ did rise from the dead…” (1 Corinthians 15,14.20)

Beloved in Christ!

The Resurrection was preceded by Good Friday – the Crucifixion and Christ’s Death. For a lot of his disciples this was the completion of all that they had heard, seen, about which the Lord himself had preached. The Death of the Teacher became for them the end and they could see no exit that is why they broke up. They were broken in their faith, the last act in Jesus’s life was for them a huge test.

For all of us like last year and this year, is also a great test of our faith; for a lot of us believers it has become hard due to loss of those nearest and dearest to us because of coronovirus.  Finally, we do not know how to finish this year. However, it is important that we remember, that always after death comes Resurrection, and with this new life. Easter opens before us the purpose of human existence: our life does not finish with death, it carries on with Christ in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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The Resurrection of Christ is the basis of our faith, our hopes and our love.  Easter – is the time Jesus Christ was victorious over sin and death, a symbol of victory of good over evil and triumph of truth over falsehoods. Christ was Risen, just like we will one day rise to a new, bright and eternal life.

Dear faithful of the Melbourne Eparchy! I sincerely greet you with the light of the feast of the Resurrection of Christ. May the Risen Christ gift you peace and joy to your family, your homes and your hearts. May the light of the Resurrection overcome the darkness of despair and fear, and His Love holds our faith in these testing times.

Christ Has Risen!  He has Risen Indeed!