The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the very essence of Christianity. If there was no Resurrection, St. Paul tells us that our preaching would be without purpose and our church, without a foundation. Our church is based on the Resurrection of Christ and as a result our own rising from our death.

That is why we have so much joy at Easter; that is why we have the large overflowing crowds; that is why we have such beautiful ceremonies and music. Christ is Risen.

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This year, Holy Week and Easter had a very good participation of our faithful in our Eparchy. This despite the fact that our Easter coincided with the Roman Catholic calendar. Many people took the opportunity of the long weekend to spend time on holiday. It will be 2025 before the two calendars match again.

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The Cathedral parish, Geelong, Ardeer, Hobart, New Zealand and the other parishes in the Eparchy reported good crowds and a beautiful and prayerful celebration.

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